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My .. LIVER?


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6ft2, Long-ish hair, Half of its green!

I really like having fun with my close friends! Chilling out, watching scrubs, playing games online.

I'm an MMO Addict. I LIVE for the grind. Seriously, GRINDING, LOVE, FOREVER.
Qoute from a can of Relentless " No More Shortcuts, Only The Grind "
I love this stuff really, i'm rarely without a can of it by myside when playing Whatever the latest MMO Is.

Im currently in a loving relationship with the wonderful Kat <3 we started dating in november 2006 and I Have enjoyed every minute.

I enjoy playing my guitar, I own a Gibson SG Special and Squire Telecaster and I Love them both.

My music interests are primarily The Offspring and The Beat Crusaders, more are listed in my Interests Section.

If I had a perfect day, I would have it start this way.
turn on the kettle and have a cuppa
Then I'd meet up with my friends
Play a couple of games again
We dont even really care who wins!