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Hey, this is for the techies out there, I'm speccing a new pc build… - My .. LIVER?
Hey, this is for the techies out there,

I'm speccing a new pc build to set up january, wanted you guys and gals to take a look at it, and also help me decide if Raid0 is worth it on 2x 500gig hard drives

case                    -    - £100             Coolermaster Cosmos
power                  -    - £105            Thermaltake Tough Power Modular 850
RAM                     -    - £135            OCZ 4gb PC28000C5 1000mhz
mobo                   -    - £140.99       Gigabyte GA-X38-DS5 Intel X38
HDD                    -    - £130             2x WD 500gb
DVD                     -    - £21                Pioneer DVR
processor           -    - £155             intel core 2 quad 6600 pro (OC to around 3.2ghz with the Cooler listed below)
cpu cooler           -     - £41              thermalright ultra-120 cpu cooler
fan                        -    - £8.21            Sharkoon Silent eagle 120mm fan (for the CPU cooler as its passive)
graphics             -    - £250(current estimate)     ATI HD3870X2

Note about the mobo -
The mobo has 2 PCI-E 2.0 slots that both run at 16x even when in crossfire

Note about the Graphics card
The graphics card is a new dual chip being released by ati, its 2 HD3870 512 cards with a crossfire chip built onto the card, 2 of them in crossfire provide 4GPU's, thats why i have chosen the motherboard as its currently one of the few mobos that support 16x/16x pci slots with 2.0

So does this all look good? is it worth the raid-0? will i get any worthwhile gains from it?

Status: accomplished accomplished

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loki128 From: loki128 Date: December 27th, 2007 06:50 pm (UTC) (Check My Liver)
RAID 5 or 6 might be useful - you won't be able to use it with just two drives, but if you add more drives later (three or more), you'll be able to have drives set aside as redundancy (i.e. you lose one - two drives, but if a drive dies, you'll be able to recover the data - and the array - through the hashing algorithm it uses) - RAID 0 is a little risky, as if one of the drives in the array dies, all the data on all the drives goes byebye.

Personal preference: I hate the case's design. My housemate has one of these cases - it's nicely built, there's a crapload of drive bays (6 internal 3.5", 2 front accessible 3.5" and 10 front accessible 5.25" (convertible to 3.5" obviously), making 18 total), and a 25cm fan on the side means there's effective cooling. Personally... I'd go with that one - but the CoolerMaster case is fine.

RAM: use as much as you can afford (more RAM = less virtual memory swapping -> less waiting around for data). If you're going for a 32-bit OS though, 4GB is your theoretical limit, so don't go rushing to buy more.

All looks good otherwise.
liver_journal From: liver_journal Date: December 27th, 2007 07:07 pm (UTC) (Check My Liver)
well that 4gb is a 2x2gb kit and im going for 64bit vista due to ram constraints, as the 4graphics gpus will have a total of 2gb of memory ( 4x 512 ) and that eats into the 32bit limitations.

gonna stick with the cosmos case though as its less noisy and has the much needed front-top mounted usb ports and sata port (friend has sata dohicky external)
penfy From: penfy Date: December 27th, 2007 07:46 pm (UTC) (Check My Liver)
That's all Cyber-Greek to me but gimme your Wii code Holmes!
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penfy From: penfy Date: December 28th, 2007 05:14 pm (UTC) (Check My Liver)
Nah only multiplayer game I have right now is GH3 but I like collecting other people's Mii's ^-^
fa_crispy From: fa_crispy Date: December 27th, 2007 08:48 pm (UTC) (Check My Liver)
I'd say yeah to the Raid 0. I'm guessing from the graphics intensive setup its gonna be a gaming system, and you'll get a decent speed boost from it when it comes to loading, so as long as you back up important stuff like Uni work, everything else (Game installs etc) is expendable and can easily be regained. TBH, I keep the OS and all my documents and shit on a smaller drive, and just burn off uni work every few months. My 2x500gig raids basically have downloaded stuff and games on it.

Also, 250 for a brand new ATI? That gonna be faster than the 8800GTX? (Single, cos I'm guessing 2 of em would be), cos thats bloody cheap for a top line card. I'm also wondering if I can stick a Core 2 Quad on my current Mobo, as I only got the Duo 6600, and for that price it might be worth an upgrade and Ebay.
liver_journal From: liver_journal Date: December 27th, 2007 10:11 pm (UTC) (Check My Liver)
right now the selling point of the X2 is its single slot and lower price than buy 2 seperately,
the estimated price is £250-300, where as 2 hd3870's wil set you back £300-340. and i know at 1920x1200 a pair of them will run crysis on very high at around 25fps, once you knock that res down to something more reasonable it becomes alot better id assume. but as im going quad, I THINK 1920x1200 SOUNDS FAIR
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