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BUM CON 2K7 - My .. LIVER?
 As many of you know ( and just as many dont )

I attended AMECON 07 !


Yeah, i only intended to visit me good friend miiol, have some lols, have a hair cut. seem some other folks and then come home.

But  lovely Kareem (you token) and tenatzen convinced me to stay the entire weekend.

i got drunk friday night with kareem and did an all nighter :D
i got VERY drunk saturday night, passed out for 20 minutes on my new friend marie's shoulder.. then later passed out in rizels room (hot man love whilst i was asleep i assume !)

the weekend fucking rocked.

I got into all the event, the dealers room, heck i spent most of the con in the games room with myst lolling about how i wasnt regged.

weekend total cost £23 (including train fair, food and booze and accomodation)

so to anyone who paid £40 for the con and more for accomodation and the necesities of life.


proper update later with pics of hair, since i just got out the bath :D


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xia_hime From: xia_hime Date: August 12th, 2007 11:11 pm (UTC) (Check My Liver)
OMG I WANTED TO DO THAT YOU FAG. But was scared I'd be completely shunned by the committee and that they wouldn't let me in D:
liver_journal From: liver_journal Date: August 12th, 2007 11:13 pm (UTC) (Check My Liver)
i dont know who the commitee are, nore did i see any of them
and as long as you keep the un-regged part between you can the cool gophers, your fine.

I mean, take Myst for example, there was one point this gopher was like "yeah you dont have badge, you should probably go before myst gets back" and i just laughed because myst was the first person to know i wasnt regged and he just LOLLED
Check these 2 Infections Or Infect My Liver